Testimonials Michael Palumbo Photography

Humbling Testimonials

The photos were phenomenal. Thank you for your flexible schedule and expertise.
Sr. Marketing Specialist
These are insane!  AMAZING shots!  Wow!! 
E.H. Marketing Director


Beautiful work as usual.  I wish you lived in every city in the US.
T.R. Designer
This is why we love you, Mike. Thank you!!
K.F. Communications Director


EH, Marketing Director wrote:
Blown away!  You, my friend, are a master of photographing the “human element”.  Simply, incredible.
CP wrote:
What a great shoot. I enjoy working with you so much, as there is little worry on my part that we'll receive greatness

KG of SÉURA wrote:
These are beautiful!…Thanks for your work!

You captured so much more beauty, mystery, intrigue and intensity in one photo than I think I have ever seen.

N.W. (national trade magazine) wrote:
...we loved the pics. I've worked
with a lot of photographers, and you by far delivered some of the best photos.
Still am blown away how awesome these look!!!
M. M., Freelance Graphic Artist
A. M. wrote:
The new admission brochure is exquisite. You certainly have raised the bar! The photography is breathtaking. What I love most is that each photo is not only visually striking as promotional material aimed at new families, for but to those of us who already call Country Day "home", it just really touches the heart strings! Great job!

I am more than pleased with the pictures. You rock!
N.J. Smoothie King
Wow Mike these are AMAZING!!!  Thank you so much!
S.S. Marketing Director

From: V. R., associate editor, Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA
I just saw the photos and it's official - YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!! (Photo #1) will work beautifully! You did it! Thank you thank you thank you .

From: T.B., Children's Hospital
Those look fabulous! You're a genius.

From: F. R., Brand Manager, Monsieur Henri Wine Co

From L M
Mike … I LOVE all of the pictures!!!!!!  You’re the best-est!
From S.S. Marketing Director
These are absolutely gorgeous… Beautiful work, thank you!

From R. M.
Thanks again for being so patient and flexible with us...should have charged us more
New Orleans Times-Picayune review of “In A While Crocodile” Cookbook
...the photography by Michael Palumbo is exceptional